Banking Information

Card Payments & PayGate
  • PayGate has links to all major acquiring banks throughout Africa and worldwide.
  • Card transactions are processed using PCI DSS Certified systems.
  • Accepted Card payments using PayGate’s secure payment page.
  • All online card payments processed in South Africa are passed for 3D Secure authentication.

All Payments are 3D Secure Payments and Customers are Confirmed with Invoices from & PayGate Authorisation Payment Invoice.

*All Fees are Standard to what you See as the Price

*No Extra Costs will be Added

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This Website Payment’s are also done by SnapScan Digital Coding QR Codes.
All “QR” codes are safe with security checks from SnapScan to make online payments secure to all customer doing there online shopping.

Banks and financial apps in South Africa are sharing your personal ...

All Payments Are Accepted

PayGate Card Payment or Snape Scan 

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We Accept All Types of Banking Apps / Card Payments.
Pay with MasterPass
Use Your MasterPass App to do Online Payments
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