Formula 1 Free From

Formula 1 Free From

A brand new product from the Herbalife range, the Formula 1 Free From contains no gluten, no soya and no lactose, but still contains all the proteins, vitamins and minerals like the standard F1 shake. Perfect if you are allergic to gluten.


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Formula 1 Free From

Formula 1 free From Soya, Lactose and Gluten, is a delicious shake mix that provides protein and nutrients. This shake provides the same benefits as the original Formula 1 Shake.

Key Benefits

Each shake contains Pisane – a high quality vegetable protein sourced from peas.

When mixed with 250 ml of semi-skimmed cow’s milk or soya milk, each serving of Formula 1 Free From:

  • Provides 905 kJ (semi-skimmed cow’s milk) or

958 kJ (soya milk)

  • Is high in protein
  • Provides B-vitamins: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), B6 & B12
  • Contains vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc



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Formula 1 Free From



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